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Pronunciation (uh-LOO-shuns)
Incorporation Type: Coastal Resource Service Area
Economic Base: Subsistence, Fishing, Fish Processing, Fleet Services, Tourism.
Annual Precipitation: 138" including snowfall
Population (2007): 4,757
Legislative District: 37 S
Coastal Area (sq. miles): 15,927 square miles
Shoreline: 3,700 miles
Hours of Daylight Summer: 17 hours, 8 min
Hours of Daylight Winter: 7 hours, 27 min

Community Overview:

The AWCRSA encompasses all of the Aleutian chain from Unalaska Island west to Attu Island, spanning about 1,000 miles. The AWCRSA includes the city of Unalaska, the #1 port in the nation for seafood volume and value. The area is subject to strong winds and storms. Communities include: Adak, Atka, Nikolski, Shemya AFS, and Unalaska



Coastal Coordinator:

Karol Kolehmainen
P. O. Box 1074
Palmer, AK 99645
Phone: 907-745-6700
Fax: 907-745-6711

Division of Commerce, Community & Economic Development:

Ruth St. Amour
Phone: 907-269-4527

ACMP Planner: Dave Gann
Coastal Resource Specialist
Phone: 907-465-3529